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Rules of Stay and Use of Hotel Services


Dear Guests,


Present rules determine the procedure for check-in, stay and rendering of hotel services in “Hotel “Zolotoy Yakor” – branch of Open Joint-Stock Company ““Slavyanka” Hotel Complex” (hereinafter referred to as the “Hotel”).

  1. We kindly ask you to adhere to present rules of stay, as well as to fire safety rules in the Hotel.
  2. The Hotel is designated fortemporary stay of the Guests during the period agreed with the administration of the Hotel. A Guest shall vacate his/her room and shall remove all his/her belongings at the end of the agreed period of stay by checkout hours.
  3. Operating hours of the Hotel — 24/7.
  4. Checkout hours (departure time from the hotel) - 12:00 local time.
  5. Guest check-in starts from 14.00 o’clock local time.
  6. In case of secured booking (if a Guest prepays hotel services or pays them in full prior to check-in date), the Hotel would check-in the Guest until 12:00 o’clock of the day following the scheduled check-in day. In case of untimely cancellation of the booking (by less than 24 hours prior to check-in date), late arrival or non-apperance of the Guest, the Guest or a person, who ordered hotel services, shall pay for the actual timeout of a room (place in a room) in amount of the payment for one day of stay in the Hotel. Upon late arrival by more than one day, the secured booking shall be cancelled.

In case of unsecured booking, the Hotel would check-in the Guest until 18:00 o’clock local time of the scheduled check-in day, following which the booking shall be cancelled. Latecoming Guest may be checked-in upon the general conditions, provided availability of any vacant rooms.

Booking shall be valid upon reception by the Guest (other person, who ordered hotel services) of the hotel notification contaning information, inter alia, on the category (type) of the booked room, its cost, booking terms, and rules of stay in the hotel. The Guest (other person, who ordered hotel services) may cancel the order in manner and within the terms specified by the hotel in the notification of booking confirmation.

Upon booking, check-in or free accomodation, the Guest shall select the room category, and administration of the Hotel shall retain the right to select any room of the above category.

  1. Guest check-in shall be done upon presentment by the Guest of the identity document made in statutory order, namely:

а) passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation identifying citizen of the Russian Federation within the Russian Federation;

b) passport of the citizen of USSR identifying citizen of the Russian Federation prior to replacement thereof for the specific term of validity by passport of the citizen of the Russian Fedeation;

c) certificate of birth – for persons under 14 years old;

d) passport identifying citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation – for a person permanently residing outside the Russian Federation;

e) passport of foreign citizen or other document stipulated in the federal law or recognized in accordance with the international treaty of the Russian Federation as identify document of foreign citizen;

f) document issued by any foreign state and recognized in accordance with the international treaty of the Russian Federation as identify document of stateless person;

g) permission for temporary stay of stateless person;

h) residence permit of stateless person;

i) refugee certificate;


j) travel document issued to a person recognized as a refugee within the Russian Federation in order stipulated in the federal law;

k) migration card, visa valid for the period of stay in the hotel (according to requirements of the migration law). If officers of the hotel establish any violations in the periods of stay, registration within the Russian Federation, and other violations of the migration law committed by the said persons, the Hotel may deny accommodation in the Hotel to the Guest.

      The Guest shall fill in questionaire with full completion of its items according to details of the identity document, and shall sign it in person with indication of the filling date. Having signed the questionnaire, the Guest confirms validity of the provided information and consents to the rules of stay in the Hotel.

  1. Check-in of minor citizens under 14 years old shall be done based on identity documents of their parents (adoptive parents, custodians) or close relatives, and based on document certifying powers of the accompanying person (s), if any, as well as based on birth certificates of such minor citizens.
  2. Check-in of minor citizens from 14 to 18 years old shall be done based on identity documents only in presence of their parents (adoptive parents, custodians) or close relatives,  and accompanying person (s) having the original document certifying his/her/their powers (officially certified power of attorney issued by parents of the minor citizen (custodians, adoptove parents)).

10. If minor persons (see Clauses 8-9 of present Rules) are not accompanied by parents (adoptive parents, custodians) and if the accompanying person (s) fails (fail) to present the original document certifying his/her/their powers to accompaniment of the minor person to officer of the hotel, the hotel may deny check-in and accomodation, even in case of secured booking, to such minor person and to the unathorized accompanying person (s).

11. Check-in of foreign citizens shall be done upon presentment by the Guest of passport of foreign citizen, migration card, visa and special permission issued by the Federal Security Service (FSB).

12. Hotel rates and services, including security deposits, shall be provided at prices indicated in the hotel pricelist approved by management of the hotel. Payment shall be effected in ruble terms in cash, by wire transfer under the booking contract or by debit (credit) cards. Check-in shall be done only following prepayment for the entire assumed period of stay and after provision of the security deposit for mini-bar, if the Guest intends using such mini-bar. Amount of security deposit for mini-bar shall be indicated in the hotel pricelist. Final invoice for the rendered services shall be issued on check-out day of the Guest.

13. Starting from 01.01.2019 until the attainment of three years, children shall stay with their parents without provision of the additional place. A child may be provided with a baby crib. Cost of such child crib shall be indicated in the hotel pricelist.

14. Daily rate (except for payment for the delayed checkout following the established checkout time; in such a case hourly rate shall apply).

15. Hotel rate shall be charged according to the checkout hours.

Upon checkin of the Guest from 00:01 until the established checkout hours of commencement of services (early checkin), in case of any vacant rooms and stay for at least one day – the Guest shall pay for his/her stay until the established checkout hours on check-in day in the amount of half day rate.

Upon checkin without advabce booking and /or stay for more than one day – the Guest shall pay daily rate.

If the Guest stays long in the hotel (late checkout), he/she shall be charged as follows:

- from 12:00 to 15:00 — 25 % (twenty five) per cent of daily hotel rate;

- from 15:00 to 18:00 – 50% of hotel rate for one day;

- after 18:00 o’clock— hotel rate for one day of stay.

The Hotel may deny late checkout to the Guest if:

- late checkout was not confirmed by the Hotel at booking,

- there are no vacant rooms in the Hotel.

Extension of the period of stay in the Hotel shall be done at front deck of the Hotel, if any vacant rooms are available. The Guest shall notify the front deck on his/her intension to extend his/her period of stay by at least 2 hours until the checkout hours; otherwise the Hotel may relocate the Guest to other room or deny extension of the period of stay to the Guest. Extension of the period of stay shall be done upon compulsory prepayment for the stay for the entire extended period, and, provided no confirmed booking for the room in favor of the third parties.

Upon checkout of the Guest prior to the paid period of stay, the Guest shall pay for the actual period of stay (however within at least one day) and for any rendered additional paid services. The amount exceeding the cost of actual stay and additionally rendered services shall be refunded to the Guest.




15. Guests shall be provided with the following types of free services:

v  Wake-up to certain time;

v  Provision of sewing kit (needles, threads);

v  Provision of boiling-hot water, one set of tableware and cutlery;

v  Door-to-door delivery of the correspondence addressed to the Guest upon reception thereof;

v  Emergency call, other special services;

v  Use of first aid kit;

v  Use of iron and ironing board,

v  Taxi call.

The Hotel renders additional paid services to the Guest at his/her will according to the effective pricelist for additional services.

16. Resident Guests may enter the Hotel with the use of the guest card.

17. Upon checkout from the hotel, the Guest shall return the key card or key from the room to the   front deck.

18. Upon your request and at permission of the hotel administrator, any visitors of the Guest may stay in the room from 8.00 until 23.00 o’clock. Visitor pass to the hotel shall be issued by the deck man upon presentment of the visitor’s identity document by no later than 22.00 o’clock. Upon late stay of visitors in the guest room after 23:00, these visitors shall be registered and checked in for sharing the room of the guest or for staying in any vacant room subject to the approved hotel pricelist. The resident Guest shall be liable for the actions of his/her visitors, including the liability for damage, violation of the smoking ban, denial of the payment for services rendered by the hotel to these visitors.

19. Smoking is prohibited in the hotel. If administration of the Hotel becomes aware of smoking in the Guest room, the Guest shall pay for removal of the smoke odor from the room in amount of 1 500 (one thousand five hundred) rubles. In such a case, the Hotel may unilaterally withhold money from the banking card of the Guest. Smoking in the room shall be confirmed by the deed made by officers of the Hotel on a commission base, in presence of the Guest. If the Guest denies execution of the deed or denies participation in execution of the deed, relevant note shall be made in the deed.

  1. 20.  The Guest shall as follows:

- when leaving the room - close water taps, windows;
- adhere to the established rules of stay in the Hotel;

- respect cleanliness, quiet, and public order in the room and in the Hotel;
- strictly adhere to fire safety rules;

- indemnify the damage in case of loss, damage or distruction of the Hotel property. Assessment of the caused damage shall be done based on the pricelist for damage of the hotel property (if no such prices are in the priceIist  – at market value of the similar property effective at causing of damage);

- be liable for actions of his/her visitors;
- eliminate the possibility of infection in the room;

- timely and in full pay all the additional services rendered in the Hotel.

  1. In the Hotel it is prohibited to:
    - leave any unauthorized persons in the room, and give them the key from the room;
    - keep lumber, flammable materials, guns, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury;
    - keep animals in the room;

- smoke in the rooms, as well as in halls and corridors of the Hotel;
- be in the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;

- use heating devices, unless it is permitted in the hotel room;
- violate calm of the Guests residing in the Hotel.

22. The Hotel shall not be liable for operation of the city services (emergency shutdown of electric and heating power, water supply).

23. Upon discovery of any failures in the room systems, as well as badly fastened sockets or switches, and sparks in electric devices, please promptly call the front deck by phone number: 101;

24. Clothing exchange Terms:

v  In luxury rooms (semilux rooms, luxury suite, three bedroom luxury suite, two bedroom luxury suite) – daily;

v  In standard rooms (standard single room, standard single suite, standard double room, advanced standard room, advanced standard suite, family standard) – once in 3 days;

v  In the 2-5 category rooms – once in 5 days.


25. The Hotel may unilaterally terminate the contract for provision of hotel services or deny extension of the period of stay, or may checkout the guest, if the guest and/or his/her visitors violate/s present rules of stay, untimely pays the hotel services, causes any material damage to the hotel and/or third parties staying at the territory of the hotel.

26. The Guest shall be liable in order stipulated in the law of the Russian Federation for causing any material damage to property of the hotel in the amount established in the pricelist approved by the hotel on the claim date, as well as for the damage caused to life, health of personnel, and violation of the smoking ban. Damage shall be indemnified at site before checkout of the guest.

27. Administraiton of the Hotel is entitled to visit the room without consent of the Guest in case of smoking, fire, flood, and if the guest violates present rules of stay, public order, rules of use of the household appliances, as well as in cases when there are any reasons to believe that the guest needs emergency medical services.

  1. Administration of the Hotel shall not be liable for loss of any valuable things of the Guest staying in the room, if the Guest violates the rules of stay in the Hotel. Upon discovery of the missed things, the administration shall take measures aimed at return thereof to their owners. If no owner is found, the administration shall report on discovery to the police.

If the Guest is absent at place of his/her residence for over one day (or at expiration of 6 hours from the checkout hours), administration of the Hotel may form the committee and perform inventory check of the property located in the room. Property may be relocated to other room by decision of the Hotel administration.

29. In case of any complaints from the Guest’s side, Hotel administration shall take all possible measures to settle the claim provided for in the effectuve law of the Russian Federation. Customer feedback book is kept by the deck man and is provided upon request of the Guest.

30. Present rules apply to the Guests using services provided under the contracts entered into with the legal entities (corporate clients) in part compliant with the terms of concluded contracts.

31. Present rules are designed in accordance with the Law of the Russian Fedetation Nr. 2300-1 dated 07.02.1992 “On proteciton of consumer rights”, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation Nr. 1085 dated 09.10.2015 “On approval of the Rules for provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation” and other statutory regulations governing the legal relations in the hotel and additional services domain.

In cases not provided for in present Rules, the parties shall be guided by the effective law of the Russian Federation.



Making your personal safety a priority, we kindly ask you to adhere to the following fire safety rules:


  • Do not use any electric heating devices (irons, heaters, coffee machines, electric stoves, etc.), do not light candles in the room;
  • Do not leave unattended any switched on TVs, tape recorders, luminaries, etc. and switch them off when leaving the room;
  • It is prohibited to use your own electric appliances not included in equipment of the hotel equipment without prior consent of the administration of the hotel;
  • Do not cover any switched on standard lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, items from inflammable materials (towel, cloths, etc.);
  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke in the hotel;
  • Please try to remember location of exits and stairs from your floor for evacuation in case of fire;
  • Please review the personal evacuation plan from your room.

In case of fire in your room:

  • Promptly call the number 101;
  • Close windows;
  • Take measures for fire extinguishment by any available means;
  • If it is impossible to eliminate the combustion source by your own efforts, exit the number and close the doors without locking them;
  • Leave dangerous area and act according to instruction of the administration.

In case of fire outside your room:

  • If you see fire or smoke, promptly notify us by phone number 101;
  • Close the windows and the door, take all your documents with you and go towards the exit from the building through smokeless corridors and stairs, and, in case of smoke, move towards the exit bending down to the floor (on all fours);
  • It is prohibited to use lift upon evacuation.

If you are unable to leave the room:

  • If corridors are intensely smoked, stay in your room, promptly closing the door and opening the windows;
  • Fill up the bath tub with water;
  • Communicate by phone 101  your location;
  • For the avoidance of smoke poisoning, close gaps and ventilationopenings with wet towels or bedding items;
  • In case of smoke penetration in your room, protect your nose and mouth with wet towel, bend or lay down on the floor;
  • Check whether the door is heated and, if necessary, wet it with the use of the trash can;
  • Upon arrival of firemen at the incident location, approach the window and give the sign that you need help;
  • In case of the organized evacuation of the hotel residents, act according to instructions of the administration or fire protection service.



The most important is to keep calm and do not give way to panic!

119034, Kaliningradskaya obl., g. Baltiysk,ul. Morskoy Bulvar, d. 6

+7 (4012) 72-03-73

+7 (40145) 300-58